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Ozone Vegetable Purifier FAQ ????
Domestic Ozone Generator (Ozone Vegetable Purifier )
Ozone is "active oxygen", nature's special element and a beautiful gift to mankind. Ozone is a triatomic allotrope of oxygen formed by recombination of oxygen atoms. It disinfects, oxidizes, deodorizes and decolorizes.
    Technical Specification :
  • Model Eltech-DOZ400
  • Input Voltage : 230 V A.C
  • Power Consumption : 20 watt
  • Ozone Output :400 mg/hr
  • Input feed gas : Air
  • Dimension :234 x 197 x 66 mm
  • Net Weight : 1 kg
Do you know?

Your fruits, vegetables, salads, healthy foods may not do as much good as you have always believed. In fact, they could act as carriers of disease and ill health.Farmers use pesticides on crops to increase their commercial production. The fruits and vegetables may look perfectlysafe but it may retain residues of pesticide.In addition the harvested crop may be handled in unhygienic conditions by twenty or more people before its transported to you.
There is no guarantee that there aren't any illness-inducing bacteria or chemical pesticide residues on your food.
Nothing is worth risking your family's health! Pesticides
Pesticides are chemicals used to protect crops from insects (insecticides), weeds (herbicides), moulds (fungicides) and rodents (rodenticides).They remain in small amounts as residue on and in the food that you eat, causing dangerous damage to yours and yourfamily's health. There is a definite link between the effects of pesticide residues and a wide range of dreadful conditions such as damage to nervous system, headaches, infertility, uterine bleeding, pregnancy complications, skin rashes, weak muscles and other illnesses.Besides these diseases, intake of pesticides can also put you and your family at risk to fatal forms of cancer.


Contamination by bacteria also poses a huge threat to the health of people, and can be spread through food.
The most common food-borne illnesses are caused by bacteria such as Campylobacter, Salmonella, and E coli. Some of the illnesses these bacteria cause include diarrhea, fever, and abdominal cramps. These bacteria can lead to serious health deterioration, including life-threatening infections, temporary anemia, profuse bleeding, and kidney failure.

  • The wonderful products can produce ozone to sterilze water directly.
  • The ozone water application is as blow: Fruit/Vegetable Washing
  • To remove insecticide and other chemicals To destroy bacteria and virus
  • Fresh keeping Air Purification Office, Hospital, Medical Clinic, Laboratory, Waiting room,
  • Meeting Rooms, Bedrooms and Reading Rooms
  • Deodorization To Keep Refrigerator Fresh To Prevent Poisoning in the Kitchen
  • To Deodorize Toilet
  • To Deodorize Newly Painted Rooms
  • Sterilization Disinfection of Tableware
  • Disinfection of Baby's Milk Bottle
  • Disinfection of Scouring Clothes
  • Disinfection of Food fresh keeping
  • To Keep Vegetables Fresh
  • To Keep Fruits Fresh
  • To Keep Food Fresh
  • To Keep Beverages Fresh water Purification
  • Purifing Drinking Water


  • LCD display, digital timing, five minutes difference for each press on the timer button, that is 5mins more and less when you turn the switch to “+” and “–” direction, maximum staying time can reach 30mins
  • Agriculture chemical detoxification for fruit and vegetable
  • Air purify: kill virus and detoxification, prevent infective decease; remove the dust and odor to purify the air and make your indoor living circumstance forest like
  • Remove odor: dispel the odor of toilet, refrigerator, wardrobe and pet housing and so on.
  • Children stuff purify: kill virus and purify the children stuff and assure the sanitary and healthy
  • Cook tool and dishware detoxification: kill virus and detoxification, assure safe and healthy.
  • Underwear and towel detoxification: kill virus and detoxification on the commodity, keep sanitary and healthy.
  • It’s used for washing face and brushing teeth: Skin care, alleviate aging, keep mouth clean, and prevent decease.
  • Virus killing and detoxification of fish jar: kill virus and detoxification, break up the impurity substance, increase the oxygen density and prevent aquatic decease and reduce the water change frequency.
  • Pet detoxification: remove odor from pet, prevent parasite and remove odor.