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Ozone vegetable purifier



Increase Shelf Life of Your Produce, Organically

Use of Ozone to Improve the Safety of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

  Ozone in Fruit and Vegetable Cleaning 

Why Ozone?

eltech Vegetable and Fruit Purifier is based on revolutionary Ozone disinfection technology that effectively kills bacteria, viruses, fungus & other
pathogens from the surface of vegetables and fruits & making them cleaner and safer to eat.

The potential utility of ozone in the produce industry depends on the fact that as an oxidizing agent, it is 1.5 times stronger than chlorine and is effective over a much wider spectrum of micro organisms than chlorine and other disinfectants. Ozone kills bacteria such as Escherichia coli, Listeria, and other food pathogens much faster than traditionally used disinfectants, such as chlorine, and is free of chemical residues.

Ozone is a high-energy molecule. Its half life in water at room temperature is only 20 minutes, and it decomposes into simple oxygen with no safety concerns about consumption of residual ozone in the treated food product . It can also be used for recycling water.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are washed first by ozonated water, and the wash water can be recaptured and treated by a combination of ozonation and filtration. The treated wash water is free of bacteria, color, and suspended solids and can be recycled to reduce water usage. Unlike conventional chlorine-based washing systems, wastewater discharged by an ozonation process is free of chemical residues, a growing concern related to the environment and groundwater pollution (Anonymous, 1998). Ozone can also destroy pesticides and chemical residues, such as chlorinated by-products

Ozonated water is a convenient way to wash fruit and vegetables and offers the following advantages over traditional chlorine based sanitisers.

   The disinfectant effect of ozone is not dependant on the pH level of the water.

   Ozone will leave no residue on the produce that may affect taste or reduce shelf life.

   Ozone is generated as required and therefore needs no special storage.

   Ozone has no ongoing chemical purchase or disposal costs.

   Ozone leaves no residue in the water and therefore makes reuse simply a matter of filtration.

Removes pesticides & insecticides

Ozone disinfection technology produces highly reactive Ozone gas that successfully oxidizes traces of pesticides, insecticides and other harmful farm chemicals thereby, making food fit for human consumption

The shelf life of produce in cold storage can also be extended by the use of gaseous ozone. Ozone in the air within a cold storage room can retard the growth of microorganisms in the air and on the surface of the produce.

Ozone is also effective in breaking down ethylene gas which is given off by some fruits and accelerates the ripening process. The reduction of ethylene gas will effectively reduce the ripening effect of mixed produce held in the same area. This article is for information only