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ATIs Model Q45H/64 Dissolved Ozone Monitor is the ideal choice for on-line monitoring and control of ozonation systems. Capable of measuring DO3 concentrations as low as 0-200 PPB full scale, the system provides the sensitivity needed for demanding applications such as pharmaceutical grade water or semiconductor wash water. And with the standard 0-2 PPM range, the monitor is ideally suited to water bottling systems or municipal water treatment. Even high range applications requiring 0-20 or 0-200 PPM can be easily accommodated.
Unlike on-line colorimetric and most amperometric monitors, Q45H systems utilize a membrane-covered polarographic sensor that does not require the addition of chemical reagents. The Q45H system has no moving parts, so there are no pumps or motors that burn out or tubing breaks that create maintenance nightmares. All normal maintenance items are included with each system.
Utilizing a highly selective polarographic membraned sensor, dissolved ozone can be monitored interference-free, with little maintenance. There are no moving parts and what little maintenance is required can be done in just a few minutes. Installation is simple and you can be up and running in a few hours.
Available in loop-powered transmitter or AC operated analyzer, the Q45H/64 is well suited for almost any DO3 measurement requirement. Even a portable data-logging version is available for temporary installation or process studies. And for even more flexibility, the instrument is available with an optional pH sensor input that allows a single unit to provide both dissolved ozone and pH analog outputs.