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Ozone Laundry Application

To remove the stains from the clothes and disinfect them, ozone is the right choice as it is ecofriendly and doesn’t damage the cloth fibre.

Benefits of Using Ozone in Your Laundry:

The operational benefits of using an ozone laundry system are many. But the primary benefits are:

  • The Eltech System enables your laundry to wash in cold water. The energy to heat the water is no longer used. Because the wash is done in cold water, many locations can, and have, turned off their hot water heaters completely.
  • Water and sewer bills are lower when using an Eltech Ozone Laundry System. With less chemicals injected into the wash, fewer rinse cycles are needed to flush linens of chemical residuals.
  • An Eltech Ozone Laundry System could mean fewer chemicals required during the wash cycle. This could amount to significant annual savings depending on the amount of linen processed over that period.
  • The life of the linen is extended by reducing the time and chemicals exposure throughout the laundry process - no hot water, less wash time, less dryer time, less chemicals.
  • The reduction in time to complete a wash and dry cycle can be reduced by 15% - 20%. If this equates to 10 minutes less per load and there are 6 loads per day processed by that equipment, the daily operation for that load factor could be reduced by one hour.
  • The Eltech system results in linens that are softer, smell better, and more absorbent. The process is also hypoallergenic. Some laundry room associates have even reported less of a skin irritation when handling the processed linens.

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