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Eltech Engineers is an ISO 9001: 2008 certified Indian Company manufactures diffrent types of Ozone Generators from 500 mg/hr to 5 kg/hr.

Eltech Engineers - Founded in 1992 is an Independent and world wide active company for Research, Development, Production and Sale of High graded Ozone Generators and Ozone Systems for virtually each of ozonator applications like Packaged Drinking Water, Swimming Pool, Waste Water treatment, effluent treatment,laundry,cooling tower water treatment and air urification etc.

Swimming Pool Ozonator

Eltech ozone generators-Swimming pool water treatment by Ozone is widely used now a days .Ozonator has wide benifites ,Our Ozone gas generator is woking on latest Corona Discharge technology .Spa Ozonator eliminate red ,irritated eyes and dry,itchy skin,Reduces traditional chemical use beetween 60-90 %More......

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Laboratory Ozonator /Portable Ozone Generator

Eltech Portable ozonator for is a new line of ozonizers cheap, easy to use and complete ideal for laboratory, Research Institutes and pilot tests.Our Portable ozone generator produces high concentration ozone with oxygen as feed gas.

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Ozone Air Purifier

Ozone is the most efficient, Natural, Broad-Spectrum Microbiological control substance and very reactive sterilization agent. Ozone air purifier destroys any Bacteria, Viruses, Cysts and Pathogens in a very short duration when it comes into contact with air.Ozone for air purification is widely used,.Our ozone generator air purifier also called as ozone deodorizer machine is comes with timer.

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Waste water treatment by Ozone

Waste water treatment by Ozonewastewater treatment by ozone. Ozone as a standalone system or with UV/H2O2 can remove COD, BOD from water up to 90%. It also removes various dyes from the water effectively up to 99%. Additionally ozone can be used for cyanide removal from effluent. Pesticide industry also finds a wide application of ozone for breaking down the harmful chemicals in their effluent.

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Laundry Ozone

To remove the stains from the clothes and disinfect them, ozone is the right choice as it is ecofriendly and doesn't damage the cloth fibre.In a laundry application, the ozone is injected into the water. The ozone works in conjunction with the laundry chemicals to provide a more efficient wash cycle using less energy and fewer chemicals.

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Domestic Ozonator

Ozone vegetable & fruit purifier -Removes Harmful Chemicals, Insecticides & Germs From Fruits, Vegetables & Meats .our home ozonator is light weight and also comes with timer

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