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Pharmaceutical Process Water Treatment

The Demineralised Water (DM) contains a lot of bacteria which need to be removed before the water is used for the manufacturing of drugs. This contamination can be effectively removed by ozone.

Ozone for process water disinfection
Why process water disinfection is necessary ?

The process water is used for adding into the product ,Washing,,cleaning of the raw materials and the processing equipment.The microbiological quality of the process water in a food processing factory ,Dairy or a Bakery is of prime importance.The process water should be free from any Bacteria,Yeast,Mouldsor any viruses for production of quality product.
In case the process water is infected ,micro-biological counts of the product will be higher than stipulated and as these micro-organisams grow at a very fast rate,it will adversely affect on the quality of the product ,with respect of preserving freshness and shelf life.

What is the present practice ?

Generally chlorine and other chemicals are added to the process water for the purpose of disinfection .The process water using chemicals leaves harmful by-products after disinfection process e.g.chloramines & trihalomethanes etc. which is not only undesirable but use of chemicals is also banned in some applications and the use of chemicals is being phased out fast.

How ozone can be used for disinfection of process water ?

Ozone is very strong oxidizer and a powerful disinfecting property .A very small concentration of ozone in water makes it free from bacteria,virus and pathogens much faster and with lesser concentration in a most effective manner .

What is ozone ?

Ozone,triatomic oxygen ,is colourless gas with an acrid odour .It is very reactive and strongest commercially available disinfectant and decomposes back to oxygen ,this makes it the preferred choice for disinfection of process water and major contribution towards a cleaner environment.
Ozone is microbiological control substance and very reactive disinfecting agent .it destroys all bacteria,viruses and cysts in a very short duration when it comes into contact with water .Ozone is considered by most to be the best available technology and a much better alternative than using chemicals.

What is CT value and what does it indicate for disinfection of process water ?

“CT” value is an important parameter ,it indicates valuable information about achieving total disinfection of water. “C” stand for concentration and “T” for time or the contact duration .For getting total total disinfection (99.99%) of process water ,not only concentration of disinfectants but contact duration is equally important.
All the disinfectants have a specific CT value.
CT Value for Chlorine is generally taken as 60. This means, if the Chlorine concentration in water is 6ppm, in 10 minutes water will be totally disinfected or if chlorine concentration is 3ppm for total disinfection a contact duration of 20 minutes will be necessary. In comparision to chlorine CT value for Ozone is taken as 0.4, thus in case of Ozone concentration of 0.1ppm, a contact duration of 4 minutes is essential for total disinfect. Ozone is the most efficient natural Broad Spectrum micro-biological contact agent.