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Ozone is the fastest acting oxidizing disinfectant and the most efficient broad spectrum micro biological control agent commercially available. Being highly reactive and completely non-discriminating it immediately starts oxidizing anything it comes in contact with air. This makes Ozone a very

Ozone as unlike any other oxidizing agent leaves no toxic residues, thereby environment friendly, and helps in reducing pollution.
Ozone is the most efficient, Natural, Broad-Spectrum Microbiological control substance and very reactive sterilization agent. It destroys any Bacteria, Viruses, Cysts and Pathogens in a very short duration when it comes into contact with air.

Mold, mildew, bacteria, and indoor air pollution are all serious environmental health concerns, and everyone knows that foul-smelling odors negatively impact our lives

Ozone concentration required to be maintained for :
Air Disinfection 0.02 to 0.04 ppm
Air Deodorization 0.03 to 0.06 ppm
Air Sterilization 0.05 to 0.08 ppm
Surgical instruments Sterilization 0.06 to 0.05 ppm
Cold storage preservation 0.03 to 0.05 ppm
Ozone Destroys Odors when used properly, ozone doesn't just mask odors, it eliminates them.
  • Smoke (Cigarette and others)
  • Cooking (Including curry smells)
  • Pet , Mold, Mildew, Paint (Latex or Oil base)
  • Body odor, Automobile odors, Garbage, Decayed Meat etc.
Ozone working principle
Ozone kills bacteria by rupturing the cell wall of the offending organism.
While ozone is very powerful, it has a very short life cycle. When it is faced with odors the extra atom of oxygen destroys them completely by oxidation.
The three atom form of oxygen is a naturally occurring compound in the earth's atmosphere. The life cycle of ozone is: generation, oxidation, return to oxygen.
  • Ozone cannot be stored or transported because of its unstable tendency to break down quickly, so ozone must be generated on site.
  • OZone has the ability to kill any bacteria or virus known to man.
  • Initially the machine's output is set to a high level to rid the problem odor as quickly as possible. As the odor is being diminished less ozone is required.
How long ozone last ?
Additionally ozone itself has a very short half life which means that any extra ozone will return to oxygen within about 30 minutes, in amounts equal to half its level.
Is Ozone harmful ?
Yes, when used properly, like anything else, ozone is safe.There is no reason to fear ozone. Yes, breathing in overly high levels of ozone is not good for you.But low levels of ozone are all around us, and are safe to breathe.
How do I know if there is too much ozone in the air ?
Ozone is basically self limiting. When the ozone level reaches to high a level it begins to irritate sinus passages, give you a sore throat, and possibly even a headache. If this happens simply turn the ozone level down or off.Many people are worried about using an ozone generator because it can produce higher than the recommended exposure levels.
Think of this analogy;
Your car can drive at speeds of 90 km per hour,
But you don't drive it
If your car could not go over a "safe" speed of 40 km an hour, it would beconsidered useless because you could never drive it on the highway!
Cigarette and Cigar Smoke Removal With Ozone Air Purifier

The First Problem :
The first problem of cigarette smoke are the many toxic gasses produced by burning cigarette's. Ammonia gasses, Carbon Monoxide, and phenol are the invisible part of tobacco smoke that cause such offensive odors, and discomfort to one's eyes and nasal passages. Ozone eliminates the irritation caused by phenol gasses, by oxidizing them. Cigarette smoke is very difficult pollutant to remove from the air. This is because there are two major components to the smoke.
The Second problem :
The second problematic component of cigarette smoke is the very high level of tar solids that are disseminated into the air when cigarette’s are burned. This disgusting goop discolors paint and it also has a terrible , sickening odor.

Ozone Air Purifier can help control dangerous smoke in your commercial establishment. Cigarette and cigar smoke can make people physically ill. This leads many people to enjoy their meals or entertainment where they find a more smoke free environment.
Customers are likely to spend less time and possibly never return again to an establishment that is smoky.
Ozone is the only way , natures way , to really clean the air to a pristine spring like smell.

Ozone Air Purifire Models;

Technical Specification :
Model Name : Eltech-AOZ-500
Input Voltage : 230 V-A.C, 50Hz
Ozone Output : 500 mg/hr
Power Consumption : 25 W
Working Models : 9 Cycle Models
Size : 300 X 95 X 185 MM
Net Weight : 3.200Kg
Catlog : Ozone Air purifier 500
Model Name : Eltech-AOZ-1000
Input Voltage : 230 V-A.C, 50Hz
Ozone Output : 1000 mg/hr
Power Consumption : 70 W 180W
Working Models : 9 Cycle Models
Size : 340 X 130 X 230 MMv
Net Weight : 3.700Kg
Catlog : Ozone Air purifier 1000
Model Name : Eltech-AOZ-2000
Input Voltage : 230 V-A.C, 50Hz
Ozone Output : 2000 mg/hr
Power Consumption : 70 W 180W
Working Models : 9 Cycle Models
Size : 340 X 130 X 230 MM
Net Weight : 3.700Kg
Catlog : Ozone Air purifier 2000