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Sewerage Water Treatment by ozone

To remove colour, odour and bacterial contamination from the treated sewage, ozone is the most preferred choice. The water can be reused for flushing, gardening or car washing applications

  • Powerful Disinfectant
  • Removes Bad Odour
  • Removes colour
  • Decreases COD
  • Improves water quality
  • Environmental friendly


You may consider the following advantages of ozone over earlier methods of chlorine disinfection  to save our Mother nature.

 1) Ozone kills the  bacteria and viruses safely and effectively.

 2) Ozone in sufficient concentration will eliminate or greatly reduce the odour and colour in the treated  waste water.

 3) Ozone is generated on premises. (No storage, procurement and transport required).

 4) Chlorine, when mixed with organic residues will form– Chloramines/ Chloroform/Trihalomethanes, etc that are toxic to the ecosystem. Ozone when reacts with the organic residues will oxidize the organic molecule in to Co2 and H2O and there is no toxic byproducts produced.

 5) Ozone treatment increases the dissolved oxygen in the water which is very good to the ecological system.

 6) Ozone is the most active oxidizing agent that can be used safely. It is sometimes called “activated oxygen”, or enriched oxygen.

7) The reaction of ozone is immediate and it takes few seconds only to kill the microorganism. Hence complete disinfection is possible by having a short contact time of  2 to 3 minutes. Chlorine needs 4to 6 hours for   same level of disinfection.

8)  Tests have proven that Ozone is 3000 times more active in the destruction of bacteria and viruses than chlorine in the same concentration. Escherichia (E-coli) is destroyed within 15 seconds by ozone at a concentration of 1mg/liter  (1 ppm).

9) The waste water treated by ozone can be used for gardening or toilet flushing since ozone removes the bad odour from the waste water.