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The eltech ozone generators is a new line of ozonizers cheap, easy to use and complete ideal for laboratory, Research Institutes and pilot tests. Ozone is produced starting from air sucked from ambient, compressed and transformed in ozone This new line of ozone generators is fully assembled and tested in factory. It includes mechanical, electrical and instrumental fittings including compressor.

    Technical Specifications :
MODEL NO. el-oz-O-10gm/hr
Ozone Output 10 gm/hr
Air Flow Rate 6 LPM
Oxygen pressure 7 PSI
Ozone Generation Principle On Corona discharge principle
Input Supply 230V A. C, 50 Hz, 1 phase, + 5% supply with earthing
Power Consumption 300 Watt
O/P Frequency 5 - 10 Khz
High Voltage O/P 3600V PP Volt
MOC wetted parts is in ozone compatible material and outer panel is in mild steel with power coated
O2 Inlet/ O3 Gas O/L SS 316, 6 mm Nozzel
Cooling Water Inlet / O/L PU Connector
  8 x 6 mm Nozzel
Ozone O/P Control 20 - 100%
HT Transformer Air Cooled
Way of Cooling Air Cooling for internal and external electrode
Ambient Tempreature Optimum performance at ambient temperature not exceeding 32 dg
Ozone Concentration 80-90 mg/I
Length 325mm
Width 170mm
Height 630mm
Weight of Ozone Generator 15 Kg